Metal resin double sword dice (OPP bag or iron box)

Place of production: Guangdong, China Weight: 180g Product color: green, purple, colorful, red Material: pure copper+resin Uses: desktop games, dragon and dungeons Packaging: OPP bag or iron box contains: D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20

Products Details

After polishing, the appearance of this resin will be more shiny, and the font can also be clearly visible, so that the font will not be illegible due to resin filling. He will change from hollow dice to solid dice, and the edge corners are also quite sharp. Players need to pay attention to some things during the game. The weight of this dice is much heavier than that of other dice. It is also very realistic to hold it in your hand.For medieval knights, the sword was a particularly powerful symbol. At his initiation ceremony, it was a weapon used to endow him with knighthood. It was usually blessed by the priest, and the shape of the sword body and handle was often used as a cross for prayer. Despite this romantic symbolic significance, the iron sword and the steel sword are lethal weapons; It is long, heavy and sharp, and can be easily cut off with a single blow. The hilts of swords are as diverse as their body designs, but the flat disc form dominates. They can be simple, with obvious center points, and even petals.The double edge gradually narrows into a sharp point. There is a blood tank in the center of both sides [2], making it lighter. The length of the sword body can reach 1 meter. These long swords are called "big swords" or "battle swords" and are designed to be held by both hands and waved. The double blade has a more obvious narrowing. The blood tank accounts for three quarters of the sword's length. This is the most common long sword until the end of the 13th century. The longer and wider sword body is slightly wider towards the handle. A blood trough runs through about half of the sword body. A richer and more assertive knight may add a little sparkle by using gold or silver on the handle. When not in use, the sword is placed in a leather and wood scabbard. The top and bottom of the scabbard may have iron accessories. There is a small flap on the handle of some swords, so when the swords are placed in the scabbard, the rain will not enter and rust the sword body. Given the length of the sword, the belt and girdle need to be arranged in a complex way to ensure that they will not trip the knight but can be easily pulled out.Huizhou Shengyuan Resin Craft Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of metal dice, with design, drawing, mold making, stamping, polishing, die-casting, oil dripping The assembly line for glue dropping, printing, packaging, etc. The company specializes in producing all kinds of copper, iron, steel, aluminum, zinc alloy and other materials. We can also produce according to the customer's model, ensure good quality, bear responsibility for quality, and have many years of industry experience. Various styles, comfortable hand feel, clear numbers, customized processing, quick delivery from stock. Private customization, size customization, appearance customization, material customization, style customization, we have no problem in choosing, and we can customize professionally. Small and portable, angular design.

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