Resin rose dice (OPP bag)

Cut short description: roses symbolize love. When it comes to roses, everyone imagines love, that is, the scene of expressing love to the beloved, romantic love and candlelight dinner with the beloved. The rose is a symbol of love. Send a bunch of roses to the person you love most, representing your infinite love for her. But it is true that sending roses is particular. Not all roses represent love.

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His corners are sharp, weighing only 40g, and made of the most environmentally friendly and high-end epoxy resin, which can be used by both adults and children, When turning, the sound is also very beautiful Red roses represent warm and true love and love you forever. They express the strongest love. When it comes to roses, the first thing I think of must be red roses.It is said that the rose only had green branches and leaves, and did not flower. Later, why did such bright flowers bloom? There is a touching story in the land of roses! A long time ago, there was a mountain peak, and there was an ordinary spring at the top of the mountain. People called the spring "Jinquan" and the mountain "Shuishan". There is a village at the foot of the water mountain. There is a pair of lonely boys and girls in the village. The man is Liu Lang. His parents died early in life, leaving him only a firewood knife and a shoulder pole to make a living by collecting firewood. The woman is Cuiping. When her parents died, she left her only a medicine collecting shovel and a medicine carrying basket to collect medicine for a living. In the evening, she came back with both loads of firewood. The common destiny and common life enable the two people to respect and love each other, help each other and forge a friendship higher than water and mountain and longer than golden spring. Before long, they secretly made a lifelong commitment.From then on, the roses of Shuishan will have bright flowers every spring. Later, in order to remember the young people who worked hard for the roses, people called the water mountain Cuiping Mountain and the golden spring on the mountain Liu Langquan. He also built a pagoda on the cliff for them. It is said that after their death, Liu Lang and Cuiping became immortals and became gods of flowers in the sky, in charge of all kinds of flowers on earth. Every year when the roses bloom, the couple will come back to watch them. In the dead of night, standing in the rose bushes under the pagoda, they can still hear them whispering their confidants!Huizhou Shengyuan Resin Craft Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of metal dice, with design, drawing, mold making, stamping, polishing, die-casting, oil dripping The assembly line for glue dropping, printing, packaging, etc. The company specializes in producing all kinds of copper, iron, steel, aluminum, zinc alloy and other materials. We can also produce according to the customer's model, ensure good quality, bear responsibility for quality, and have many years of industry experience. Various styles, comfortable hand feel, clear numbers, customized processing, quick delivery from stock. Private customization, size customization, appearance customization, material customization, style customization, we have no problem in choosing, and we can customize professionally. Small and portable, angular design.

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