Ancient gold ball octopus (OPP bag or iron box)

Place of production: Guangdong, China Weight: 120g Product name: round octopus metal dice Including: D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20 Material: brass Color: antique gold, black gold, ancient bronze, ancient red copper Packaging: OPP bag, iron box

Products Details

The weight is the same as before. The inspiration of the designer comes from the myth of Kesulu. The font is also optimized to make it easier for players to identify. The appearance of this product is very beautiful, and some difficulties are specially set for players to better adapt. This will be a perfect dice, I hope you will love it. Its head looks like an octopus, its body looks like a dragon without losing weight, and its back has wings like a bat. For some unknown reasons, it sleeps in the city of Lalaiyedu at the bottom of the sea. From time to time, people are influenced by dreams, or a corner of the city appears in the sea. What they have seen is either madness or suicide. But also because of its induction, it has many believers on the earth. These people believe that when the stars are arranged in order, Cthulhu will wake up and become the new master of the earth.Product material: alloy material The product surface adopts environment-friendly non-toxic vacuum electroplating color and hollow technology. There is a 3D octopus statue in the middle of the product. The overall weight of the product is very small, and the sound is very crisp when using, which makes this product very cool.Usage: Dice is suitable for dungeons and dragons, shadows, pioneers, barbarians, hammers, Ye Haize, etc. Your good feeling: When you hold these dice in your hand, you summon the scene of the smoldering heart of a conquered ancient dragon, burning blue under the dark sky. Take a closer look, and you swear that it may still be beating. Our exquisite art: Each set of craftsmen is manually poured, polished and painted, so there may be slight defects or differences in color and material suspension in the dice. Please understand that because of the way they are made, they cannot be guaranteed to be absolutely perfect or identical, because each is unique. Note: Finally, these edges are sharp, especially D4. This is not a toy. These dice are not for children to eat, nor are they for eating. Keep them away from pets, children and mouths.Huizhou Shengyuan Resin Craft Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of metal dice, with design, drawing, mold making, stamping, polishing, die-casting, oil dripping The assembly line for glue dropping, printing, packaging, etc. The company specializes in producing all kinds of copper, iron, steel, aluminum, zinc alloy and other materials. We can also produce according to the customer's model, ensure good quality, bear responsibility for quality, and have many years of industry experience. Various styles, comfortable hand feel, clear numbers, customized processing, quick delivery from stock. Private customization, size customization, appearance customization, material customization, style customization, we have no problem in choosing, and we can customize professionally. Small and portable, angular design.

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